Wearing Your Baby

Baby wearing is the perfect way to bond with your baby! 💕

When Sage was a little tiny baby, I wore her all the time! She absolutely loved it. I called it my 4th trimester 😂. She loved when I wore her and vacuumed. It was like a soothing experience for her with the noise and the movement. It was also a great workout for me! 

I had two other little kids also, so wearing her definitely freed up my hands so I could multi task. I also wore her around my store while helping customers. Heck, I’d even throw on a Hooter Hider (remember when we carried those years ago? Like a nursing cover?!!) and she would discreetly nurse in her Moby and I helped customers! (Photos below📸)

I really wish I knew about baby wearing with my first two. I think I knew there were baby carriers, but it just wasn’t a tending thing 12-14 years ago. Even though baby wearing has been around for thousands of years.. things still go in trends ya know?! 

I hope this inspires you to try baby wearing! Your babies grow so fast and soon they will be teenagers that never come out of their room 😭😭.. that’s another blog for another day! 

if you want me to help wrap your baby on you.. i can certainly do so! I learned by watching YouTube videos. Then it just became natural to me. We have all different carriers and slings at the store. Stop in and we can chat about baby wearing and I would love to help you pick out the perfect fit for you! 🤍Jill 


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